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1. How long before I really see the results?
As we have been telling to people “Don’t expect a beauty miracle”, it takes time to grow and in this case it also takes time to have a lighter skin. Initial changes need not to be skin lightening immediately. Initial change can be smoothening of the skin or if you suffer from acne, it will gradually clear up in a matter of weeks. These are manifestations that Glutathione is starting to take it's course. Skin lightening generally begins in 2-4 months of usage. Since result varies from user to user, it is most likely that some users will be able see results as early as a month or two, others may need longer time.

2. How white can I get?
Initial phase of the program can give as much 1-3 shades lighter. Long term usage can lighten your skin by as much as 5-6 shades lighter or more. It will depend on how the supplement reacts to your body. Please refer to our skin tone chart

3. Will I look like Michael Jackson?
Definitely not. Results are gradual and natural. Its not dramatic nor drastic after just taking it in a few weeks. Also, it would be impossible to be extremely white since the skin has it's limits as to how light it can get.

4. Why is it that some people tend to see results earlier compared to other users?
For the simple reason that people have different metabolism and body chemistry, weight is also a factor. The fact that some people see results early means that their bodies have absorbed the components well. There are alot of factors (stress, lifestyle, diet, etc.) that can affect the results and so you should take that into consideration in taking Glow2Thione.

5. What is the recommended dosage in able to achieve visible results?
Standard dosage is 3 capsules a day. The maximum you can take is 4 capsules a day. You also need to take additional vitamin c when taking Glow2Thione. For every Glow2Thione capsule you take, you need 1000mg additional vitamin c in tablet form. If your skin is already light and you only want to even out your complexion, then 2 capsules a day is sufficient. Once you have already achieved the skin tone you desire, you may take 1 capsule a day as maintenance dose.

6. Is it safe to take high dosage of Glow2Thione whitening pills everyday?
It is very safe. Taking high dose of L-glutathione from these whitening pills are needed in order for it to work. Did you know that primarily Glutathione is given at a daily dose of 5000mg to certain patients? L-Glutathione and other components (Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Grapeseed Extract) are all supplements; they are actually good for the body. Moreover, they are water-soluble which just means that if there’s anything in excess, it will be just excreted through urine or bile.

7. Do I really need to take additional Vitamin C when taking this supplement? Why is it important?
Vitamin C is essential when taking these supplements because it helps Glutathione to stay in its usable form when it enters the body. It is most likely that Glutathione will be oxidized when taken, and so Vitamin C's role is to reverse the oxidation process making Glutathione remain in its reduced form suitable to achieve it's skin lightening property.

Vitamin C should be double the dosage of L-glutathione. And so, for every Glow2Thione capsule you take, you need additional 1000mg of Vitamin C.

“Glutathione is too large a molecule to effectively pass through the intestine into cells, so supplementing with glutathione alone is not helpful. But when taken with Vitamin C, which protects it from oxidative damage, Glutathione becomes effective.”
Monika Klein, C.N.,
Malibu, Cali

“Some people with darker skin tone report that taking Glutathione capsules along with vitamin C for three to six months or more actually lightens the color of their skin.”
website © 2004

8. Why is Alpha Lipoic Acid important? What are its effects?
Alpha Lipoic Acid is another powerful anti-oxidant which has anti-aging properties and it is needed since it helps the body manufacture it's natural-occurring Glutathione, thus enhancing the full potential of skin lightening process.

Again, let’s take it from the experts:
“Take alpha-lipoic acid, an antioxidant that turns up the production of glutathione, your liver's head janitor. Glutathione latches on to toxic gunk and makes it water-soluble enough to be flushed out through your kidneys. For maximum liver scrubbing, take a 50 milligram alpha-lipoic acid tablet (sold in drugstores) twice a day.”
By Zachary Veilleux
Men’s Health Abc News

“lipoic acid is the only antioxidant that can boost the level of intracellular glutathione”
“Moreover, it has the remarkable ability to recycle several other important antioxidants including vitamins C and E, glutathione and coenzyme Q10, as well as itself!”
LE Magazine December 1999
Karin Granstrom Jordan, M.D Ph.D.

9. What makes Glow2Thione different compared to other whitening pill?
What makes it different and powerful is the synergy between its various components. They are not only powerful individually, but also work together in what is known as antioxidant cycling. Antioxidant cycling is the term that describes how antioxidants work together to extend each others’ lives and make each other more powerful. And that’s also the reason why it is so effective to really whiten the skin in it’s long term use.

10. Is it just ok to continue using some whitening creams or gels while using it?
Yes. There is no problem if you still continue using your regular skin care regimen (creams, lotions) but once the skin lightening process has started you might not need to buy any creams to apply to your skin, the whitening pill itself alone is ok and you will see it for yourself.

11. How does the whitening process starts? Can it give me an equal skin tone all over?
The reason why are skin becomes white in using this whitening pill is because it reverses the dark melanin pigments turning to a light pigments and inhibits the enzyme Tyrosinase which catalyzes the production of melanin. Less melanin, a whiter skin. L-glutathione’s whitening process starts inside the skin (dermal layer) going outside (epidermal layer), that’s the reason why it takes time to be able to see initial change in your skin tone. The lightening process goes head to foot meaning that you will have an even skin tone throughout your body.

12. How can I consider this pill? It is a drug, vitamin or supplement? Is it just ok to take it with all my other medications and vitamins? Is there anything to avoid when taking this whitening pill?
L-Glutathione and its components (Vitamin C, ALA and Grape Seed Extract) can be considered as food/dietary supplement, they are also called powerful antioxidants. It is not a drug and so there are no known contradictions and precautions to be taken into consideration. However, L-Glutathione shouldn’t be taken by people taking anti-psychotic drug and chemotherapeutic drug. You should also not take it if you just recently undergone an operation or an organ transplant. Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages, the presence of alcohol in the stomach is one reason for your body to not fully absorb the whitening pill.

13. Once I have achieved the skin tone I want, is it just ok to stop taking the pills or should I continue it?
It is advisable to still continue taking the pills even though you have achieved the skin tone you want. Take 1 capsule a day as maintenance. We know that L-Glutathione is very good to our health and so taking it in long term will not only make us lighter but also it will promote better health.

14. Are the whitening effects of these whitening pills permanent? Will my skin tone go back to its original color once I stop using it?
Its whitening effects are permanent only if you will maintain (by avoiding exposure to sunlight) and take care of your skin. You won’t go back to your original skin color even if you stop taking these pills, however, there is a tendency for you to tan or darken your skin if you expose yourself to the sun and other harsh elements.

16. What If I am taking the pills but most of the time I am exposed to the sun, what will I do?
Use sunblock or sunscreen lotion that has an SPF of 45-60. It will protect you from the harmful effects of the sun. But of course its still best to avoid sun exposure if you can since there is no guarantee that your sunblock can totally protect your skin.

17. Is this whitening pill (L-Glutathione) safe in the liver?
Let’s hear what a renowned doctor says about it:
“The level of glutathione in the liver is critically linked to the liver’s ability to detoxify. The higher the glutathione content, the greater the liver’s capacity to detoxify harmful chemicals. Typically, when we are exposed to chemicals to which can damage the liver including alcohol, the concentration of glutathione in the liver is substantially reduced. This reduction makes the liver susceptible to damage.”
Nature’s Potent Liver Remedy
Dr. Murray

18. Is there any untoward side-effect from the long-term use of these whitening pills?
There are no known side effects or interactions known with oral administration of L-Glutathione even in its prolonged use. The side-effect, we all know, is the skin lightening itself.

19. Why do you say that this whitening pill is really effective? Is there any assurance for that?
Before using this whitening pill we have already tried and tested other brands which only gave us disappointment. The results took very long to see and the worst part is they have been the cause for my some acne breakouts and gaining of weight. That’s the time when we went on research and found out this whitening pill which we are now selling. The reason why we am very confident with this product is because we are the living proof that it really does work and also does wonders. In 3 weeks time we have experienced acne clearing and felt very radiant for the reason that it cleanses the body too. We, together with thousands of users have seen results and not disappointment. Now we recommend it to everyone to experience its power to really whiten the skin in the shortest period of time, thus, promoting better health. That’s what we call assurance.

20. I am in a hurry to see the results and also I want to be slim while I am taking the pills, is it ok to take slimming pills or other products?
Like I have mentioned before the whitening pill (L-Glutathione) is considered as a supplement and therefore safe to be taken with other medications, vitamins or supplements. However, we recommend people using whitening pills to just use slimming creams or whitening creams so as letting the whitening pill work solely in your body. If you are in a hurry and at the same want to be slim, I recommend you to use natural kind of weight reducing supplements such as green tea extract.

21. Is it safe to be taken even by young teens who wants to be fair?
L-glutathione is considered as a supplement. It is very safe to use and will not cause any harmful effects to the user even at a young age, however, we would recommend that the user should be at least 18 years of age. We want to make sure that the user is mature and responsible enough when taking the program. It's important to us that he/she is aware and understands how to take the regimen correctly in able to achieve results and not waste time and money.

22. Is it true from what I’ve heard that whitening of the hair is a side-effect in taking these whitening pills (L-glutathione)?
It is not true. The side effect in taking L-glutathione is the lightening of the skin already. There is no such thing as the “side effect of a side effect”, it doesn’t make sense. Moreover, we have also heard about that and the reason why they say some of there hair turned white might be because they have used a formulation containing Tyrostat (L Tyrosine). There have been reports about that.

23. Is it better to take the whitening pill with an empty stomach or should I eat my meal first before taking it?
Based on our studies, it’s much better to take the whitening pills with an empty stomach. Your body will most likely absorb the highest possible amount because it is only concentrated in just one substance unlike if have eaten already or had intake something, there might be a tendency for your body not to fully absorb it because there are already substances present in your stomach that might hinder the process of absorption.

24. Can pregnant or nursing women take the product?
No. Glutathione play an important role in the development and growth of the fetus, maintenance of a healthy pregnancy and even before pregnancy, in fertility and conception. It also protects both mother and fetus from the damaging effects of free radicals and oxidative stress. However, Alpha Lipoic Acid is not recommended to pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant and even nursing women who wishes to use the product must wait until they have already given birth or have already finished their nursing period.

25. Does the product work on people with certain illness?
No. People who have Thyroid-related illness(Hypo/Hyperthyroidism) will most likely not to benefit from the skin lightening effects of Glutathione. Other than that, the product works with most people.

26. Do you offer money-back guarantee?
No. Even if we are highly positive about the product's effectivity and safetiness, we cannot offer a money-back guarantee since there are factors that can be a reason for the product not to work and we have no control over that. An example would be a user who exposes him or herself to the sun very often or a user who is not taking the right dosage as advised. It would be hard for both parties to prove whether the product did really work or not. There is no exact science to measure whether the product will work, has worked and will not work for you.

27. Is it FDA approved?
L-Glutathione is considered as a dietary supplement and it is also categorized as GRAS(generally recognized as safe) by the FDA . It doesn't necessarily require a FDA approval since only manufactured drugs, foods, medical devices and cosmetics undergo this kind approval.

28. Is it BFAD registered?
Yes, Glow2Thione is registered from the Bureau of Food and Drugs with registration number FR-82502.

29. How can you guarantee that this product is safe, authentic and effective?
passed the laboratory analysis or the ASSAY done a duly accredited laboratory by the Health Bureau. We have a great track record as an online distributor for almost 4 years now. Lastly, our unsolicited customer feedbacks and reviews only assures that truly our product is indeed safe, genuine and effective.

30. How can I become an online distributor, regional dealer or buy in bulk?
Please contact us and tell us your profile as well as your target market and quantity.