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NOT ALL WHO SELLS L-GLUTATHIONE ARE GENUINE, SOME ARE FAKE! Others don't have enough potency to bring good results and others don't have the right formulation of components to stimulate the skin lightening process.

Nowadays, skin whitening pills has been proliferating  the market and the number of brands to choose from had increased by almost 50%. Again, do not be easily fooled. A true and genuine L-glutathione pill doesn't necessarily be in a fancy packaging nor wrapped in an expensive-looking bottle or box. We have done laboratory testing to some of the brands in the market today and surprisingly results showed that the total content of L-glutathione present in each capsule didn't even reached 200mg after claiming that it contains 500mg. Another discovery led us to a conclusion that some brands even contain Steroids which can really be detrimental to the user's health. Another thing to also take note is the packaging/label. A true and legitimate manufacturer of Dietary/Food/Health Supplements will never put an indication(i.e. "skin whitener", "it whitens/lightens the skin") on its packaging/bottle since Supplements shouldn't have any claims in connection to what the product can do. This is the reason why manufacturers always put "disclaimer" on the bottle.

We guarantee that our product is authentic and 100% genuine. It  undergone a US-based standard of food and drug preparation which only assures its safetiness for oral consumption. We acquire our products directly from California where it is solely manufactured. Moreover, it passed the analysis (Assay) done by a laboratory duly accredited by the Health Bureau.

Please beware from certain sellers claiming that their products is genuine when in reality it's not. Be critical in checking it's authenticity and ask for proofs if possible. Be also aware of some websites who uses and will use contents of our site like pictures, diagram, facts/literature, document/certificate, etc. All the contents herein are property of SkiNova Beauty Store and were specifically made for informational purposes and WE DO NOT ALLOW IT TO BE COPIED AND USED BY OTHER PEOPLE FOR MARKETING OR OTHER PURPOSES.

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