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Before and After
"I am amazed with the results! My skin is now lighter and glowing. Thank you!"


"I'd have to say that i am two shades lighter now!"


"Hi Kazumi! It's now about 2 months on and the results are plain to see!!
I've included before and after pictures, I'm extremely pleased!!"


It's a common knowledge that if we are to try a product, we need to research and know whether if what we will be taking is safe and genuine. JV desired for a fairer complexion and so he bought a Glutathione brand which in the end gave him disappointment after finding out that it was fake. What's worse is it triggered him to breakout and gain weight. He was featured in Jessica Soho's show as a victim of fake Glutathione brand. Since we are one of the resource person of the said segment, we contacted JV and asked him if he would be interested for a 60-day challenge to take our brand, Glow2Thione and see what happens after the said period. He said yes and so below are his results of taking Glow2Thione.

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Video Courtesy of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho, GMA 7
BEFORE - Skin is dark brown with facial acne. DURING - Skin is already lightening, acne is subsiding. AFTER - Skin has already lightened by as much as 2-3 shades. Acne is gone. Real weight achieved and lost the fake weight he gained due to the steroids contained in the fake Glutathione he took before.

"I used to have uneven skin tone all over my body and I'm really not contented with my skin color that's why I tried using several whitening pills but unfortunately it didn't work for me and much worst it triggered acne flare-ups in my face and really made me so disappointed. Finally, I started using this SUPER WHITENING PILLS and in 3 weeks time my face cleared up from acne. In a month's time I'm 1 shade lighter and on the 2nd month it was so noticeable by other people. I am totally happy now because I have achieve a very light skin tone and regained my self-confidence. I'm a performer and so a flawless white skin is a must. The reason why I started selling the product is simply because It has amazed me from the results I have seen from myself and to others, I strongly recommend it to everyone who wants to achieve a light, flawless and radiant skin. Seeing is believing. Again, WE DON'T GIVE YOU PROMISES BUT RESULTS VISIBLE BY YOUR EYES."