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We have always believed that no matter how fair your skin is nor how good-looking you are, if it only exists superficially, the true essence of beauty is still far fetched. Many people are unhappy with their lives for certain reasons and one of them is because they do not like what they see in the mirror. Appearance truly is important for most people since it gives esteem and confidence to go on with their lives. Skin color is one of the biggest issues most people wants to resolve. Since it is the largest organ of the body, it cannot be easily hidden nor concealed and how people perceives you has something to do with the way you look, and in this case your skin, therefore having a fair and flawless skin has been essential nowadays. We do not say that only people with lighter complexion are beautiful and darker ones aren't, we believe all is beautiful in their own right whatever their skin color is, however, we, as individuals have the right to choose and the freewill to decide what's best for us. If you feel that having a lighter complexion will make you happy, complete and boosts your confidence, then you have all the right to embrace it. It is the new age and science has again brought us another solution in achieving a brand new skin....the new you.

SkiNova aka SUPER WHITENING PILLS has been distributing skin whitening supplements on the internet since 2004 catering to people of diverse ethnicities who want to lighten their complexion. Based in the Philippines, our products are directly manufactured and imported in the USA and distributed from Manila  to be sold worldwide. We started in the business having a few clients, mainly our friends which became our first living testimonials. Now on our 7th year, we will strive harder to serve you better.

Our goal is to bring you superior quality when it comes to the supplements that we sell. We do not settle for any product just for the sake of profit but we make sure it is worth buying and using. We only sell and distribute supplements after we have tested and proven its efficacy and authenticity.

Since our product is an oral kind of skin lightener we have done studies and research to make sure that it is safe and will not compromise the user's health even in the long term use.

We believe that it is a paramount consideration that what we claim and tell people is scientifically true, that whatever comes from us, was derived from a reputable source and that its information is accurate.

Moreover, we value our customer's feedbacks and comments. It is an integral part which serves as our guideline whenever we do things. You are the reason why we are existing and so it is only rightful to always hear your voice and for us to listen, evaluate, advise and improve.

Finally, the most important thing we would like to ensure is safetiness. Having a a beautiful skin is senseless if you do not have a healthy body nor you possess an illness. We always make you sure that we do not sell anything unless it is certifiably safe, genuine and fresh from the manufacturer. It has always been our job to know first the customer's condition before advising him/her to use our product. Whenever there are certain cases related to health and disease, we forcefully advise our customers to seek for an opinion from a professional health care practitioner.